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Quality Decking by Abacus

In an ideal World, your garden would be a nice level and dry piece of land, and capable of providing ease of access and enjoyment at most times of the year. Given our northerly position however, and rarity of flat land, this is rarely true. In many parts of Scotland, clay is found beneath the surface and stops rain water from draining away quickly and helps turns even well-tended lawns into muddy quagmires. In other cases, the sheer gradient of the land reduces our ability to spent more time outdoors and to enjoy our garden areas.

We can't change the weather but we can change the land, within limits, but it's a horrendously expensive process. By contrast, we can build quality decking structures to offset these difficulties and in order to create a friendlier environment and where enjoyment of the outdoors is greatly enhanced. Even after heavy rainfall, decking will typically dry far more rapidly than the land beneath it and allow usage of open space more often. Decking adds value to property prices and offsets some reasons why prospective buyers might seek to buy an alternative property. Decking expands the possibilities about home usage with breakfast served on patio a realistic possibility!

Decking, made from treated timbers, is visually more appealing than metal, concrete or stone, to overcome gradient problems and is durable and easy to maintain. It's cheaper too and is typically able to overcome a huge number of lifestyle issues and problems. The trick is to ensure what kind of decking best fits the needs of the property and how it can best be applied.

That's where our skill, expertise and experience at Abacus can become a crucial part of your decision. We can use our inhouse design department to draw up plans, help with Planning issues and then deliver what can make your outdoor space more enjoyable.